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Adding a bookmarket in Google Chrome browser

One of the issues with Google Chrome browser is the inability to drag and drop bookmarklets into the bookmarks. I ran into this issue recently when trying to save the Subtle Patterns bookmarklet, from one of my favorite sites. It takes a few extra steps, but here’s how you can add bookmarklets in the Google Chrome browser.

Copy Link Address for the Bookmarklet

This copies the Javascript code for the bookmarklet. We will paste this into Chrome’s Bookmark Manager.

Subtle Patterns bookmarklet

Copy the Link Address by right clicking on the button text

Open the Bookmark Manager

In the top menu in Chrome, select Bookmarks, and then Bookmark Manager

Bookmark Manager in Google Chrome

Add Page in Bookmark Manager

Create a new page. This is where we will paste the bookmarklet javascript code we copied earlier.


Paste the Bookmarklet code

Create a name, and paste the code we pasted earlier. Click enter to save it.

Entering bookmarklet Javascript code

All Done.

You now have the bookmarklet saved. Now every time you need to use it for web development, you can click the bookmarklet and the changer will display on your page. This is perfect for previewing the Subtle Patterns library on your page before you go through the hassle of editing your website’s CSS to add the background.

Saved Google Chrome Bookmarklet

We saved our bookmarklet!

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